Mayara grew up in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil and Latin America. She was a teenager surrounded by millions of people, technology, and everything the modern world could offer. But she still felt empty. In search of Brazil's roots, she traveled to indigenous, quilombola (communities founded in 19th century by runaway slaves), and rural communities.  She was searching for women who could answer her questions. She found them. She calls them, Women of Earth.

The Women

“Midwives are spirits of light who work to help people.”

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"In this community I am a doctor, a delegate, a lawyer, I am a midwife, a geriatric psychologist, a social worker, I am everything, because when you need it, you have to use what you know"

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The plants that can be used as medicine shine in my sight. I smell them, I feel them. I can’t read, but I can read the earth, the plants and the medicines.

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What people are saying about the film

Women of Earth beautifully reveals the priceless wisdom that has been preserved by midwives in Brazil for years. I was moved by the strength of the women depicted and feel grateful to have contributed to the project. I hope the film inspires others as it has truly inspired me – to honor the world around us and continue to empower women everywhere.

Gisele Bündchen
environmental champion, global activist, best-selling author and supermodel

Women of Earth is a timely and important film documenting the importance of women leadership, not only in supplying essential health (and birth) services to their communities, but in helping those communities define themselves and grow. It is a must see film for anyone interested in social innovation that actually work for the very poor and disadvantaged.

University of Toronto
Co-Director of the Innovation Policy Lab Munk Chair of Innovation Studies

Woman of the Earth lit a fire within me to reclaim my ancestors’ Medicine. This not only is a documentary, but a call to action for the next generation to keep these traditions and stories alive.

June “Jumakae” Kaewsith,
Storytelling Coach & Wellness Consultant, Your Story Medicine

In an age where most people trust technology more than nature, Women of Earth gives a visual and narrative depiction of the wisdom of traditional medicine as well as the tremendous gifts that elder midwives are to their communities. I hope this film moves and inspires younger generations to become stewards of the land, of women’s health, and of birth, and to reaffirm the wisdom that nature has to offer.

Kimberly Ann Johnson
Author of The Fourth Trimester

A beautiful depiction of how several midwives have made a lasting and positive impact in their rural communities in Brazil. The film hopefully will inspire successful actions to improve the lives of women in Brazil and around the world.

Judy Norsigian
Co-Founder of Our Bodies Ourselves

Women of Earth will take you on an unforgettable journey from the megalopolis of São Paulo, where some people have all the material things they wish to have, but still feel empty, to rural communities –deep in Brazil’s hinterland– where women are the pillars and guardians of ancestral knowledge. They are community leaders because they maintain a strong bond with the forces of Nature, and are as deeply rooted as the trees and the plants that they use to heal others. They are the guardians of natural balance because they apply their ancestral wisdom to help other women give birth. They oversee the whole cycle of life for all living beings in their communities and beyond. Beautifully filmed and masterfully written and directed, Women of Earth also makes a great contribution to the other task that these indigenous healers must comply with: passing on their ancestral knowledge to future generations of women.

Pablo A. Fernández, filmmaker and journalist
Co-Director and Co-Producer, The Voice of the Mapuche